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Granger Soccer at Risk

Max Black

Hello fellow GBA member.  I am writing to you today to inform you of the potential loss of a valuable fixture in the Granger Community.  That is the 9 acre soccer field located next to the Knollwood Country Club along Adams Road.  As was reported by WSBT recently the family that owns the lot is looking to sell.  This puts the long term lessor, Michiana Soccer Association (MSA), in a tough spot.  The MSA has been given the option to buy the property outright or make way for the potential development of the land as it goes on the market.  For the time being the MSA has until December 14th to raise the $180,000 to buy the land.  As many of you know these fields have been a great benefit to the families that participate and an asset for area business.

The GBA has been approached for help in promoting this cause.  In an effort to promote public wellness as sense of community in Granger as well as a local attraction that draws in customers for area business the GBA board will donate $2,500 to the cause.  Furthermore, the GBA will match member contributions up to an additional $2,500.

If MSA is not able to raise the money by the middle of December, it will go back on the market and monetary donations will be returned to the donors. MSA's hope is that the community will respond with not only monetary donations but in-kind services to assist in needs such as irrigation, bathrooms, parking, and amenities typical of other quality soccer parks in the region.

For more information on how to donate, contact the Michiana Soccer Association.
We will use self-reporting to track GBA Member donations.  Simply notify me at of the date and amount of your donation.

Again thank you for all that you do for Granger.
Maxwell S. Black
GBA Board President

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