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Member: Linda's Pampered Pets

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Local First - Stan Countz
I am a proponent of the Local First message and try very hard to support other locally-owned and operated businesses because I know that doing so helps the economic vitality of the community and the money stays and circulates in the area, benefitting everyone from the neighborhood merchant to the local church.

Valley Views Productions - Stan Countz
Stan designed and produced my website, my blog and my sign and has tried to guide me in the shark-infested waters of advertising, promotion and marketing. He has offered invaluable advice based on years of experience and he has always tried to work within my very limited budget (which has not always been easy for either of us). He is always thinking of creative ways to stretch my ad dollar has gone out of his way to help this little pet groomer to compete in the "dog eat dog" world of small business. I appreciate his honesty and willingness to work with small businesses like mine to help them get more "bang" for their promotional buck.